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Thread: Back to work...How much milk should a 3month old drink?

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    Unhappy Back to work...How much milk should a 3month old drink?

    Ok so I have been back at work for almost two weeks, my daughter is 12 weeks and has been at day care for 3 weeks. The daycare has said that I am not providing enough expressed milk and that she is hungry.

    Usually I nurse her at home after she wakes up and within an hour of that I drop her off at daycare for 9 hours. When she first started daycare she had been drinking 10-12oz (4 feedings) of expressed milk and when she got home wanted to nurse almost immediately. She will nurse generally twice if not three times before going to sleep for the night. I started giving them 2.5oz more per day and they still say she is hungry. I have realized that I have depleted the extra milk stored for late night feeding for any daddy feedings. I guess I am not pumping enough to meet her needs according to daycare and have extra but I do not want to give her formula if I do not have to.

    The past 4-5 days my daily pumping/feeding routine has been brutal:
    nurse when baby wakes 7am
    pump (15mins) before work 8:30 am yields 1-1.5oz
    pump 3x (15mins each) while I am at work- normal yield is 2-3.5oz bottles & 1-3oz bottle
    Nurse when first at home 6:15, again at 7:30-8pm sometimes again at 9:30
    pump before bed 10:45pm
    nurse when baby wakes 1am
    nurse when baby wakes 3:30 am
    nurse when baby wakes 5:30 am

    With all the nursing in the middle of the night I cannot consider pumping in the middle of the night. Some nighttime feedings last 45min-an hour! I feel like I am barely getting any sleep.

    What can I do? I feel like I am making the most milk I could possibly but it is not enough.

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    It really sounds to me like you are pumping just the right amount. Perhaps it isn't that she's hungry at the daycare, it's more that she wants to be held or interacted with more, rather than eat. I find that many there are working with formula fed babies and what is a normal amount for a formula fed baby is not the same as what is normal for a breast fed baby. Perhaps some education may be necessary on their part to understand how your child might be different and has different needs while she's there. It is very rare that a mom won't make enough milk for her baby. So, it's more likely than not that your baby is getting just the right amount.

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    Default Re: Back to work...How much milk should a 3month old drink?

    I know I have heard this (probably on here) but you should plan on 1 ounce for every hour you are apart and from your numbers you are doing wonderful.

    I completely agree that education for the provider is probably needed. Here''s a great link to help:

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    Default Re: Back to work...How much milk should a 3month old drink?

    w/ PP but, wanted to add a note of comparison for you. I have my DD (14 weeks old) at my neighbor's. She is the only child there and therefore gets lots of attention of course! I am able to pump almost 15 ounces every day when I am at work. Most days, she takes 3-3.5 ounce bottles and is VERY content. This is a baby that normally nurses every 2 hours when she is with me. Another point of comparison...she is right around 12 pounds.
    I know all babies are different and you shouldn't think that my child is the norm. But, I thought it would maybe help you to get the perspective from another nursing mom of a baby that is around the same age.
    I would definitely advocate for your provider to have more education on BF babies!
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