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Thread: Relactation after 10 day break

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    Unhappy Relactation after 10 day break

    This is really getting me down at the moment so any help would be appreciated.

    We got off to a great start with breasfeeding and my little one seemed be be doing really well. We were discharged from the hospital and things started to go wrong from there.

    We were readmitted about 9 hours later - he was refusing to feed and was lethargic and dehydrated. I tried to express some milk for him to see if I was p[roducing enough milk but my nipples were so damaged and bleeding (he had bitten me quite badly in frustration at their attempts to get him to latch on when we came back in) that I was advised to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula.

    We were in hospital for another five days and he was treated for an infection. We are thankfully home now and hes doing fine - but it breaks my heart when he is nuzzling at my breast and I can't feed him.

    As I am still leaking some milk would it be possible to start breastfeeding again and how sucessful would it be? I don't want to end up in the hospital again

    Sorry for the long post but this has been playing on my mind and any help would be appreciated.

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    It's DEFINITELY possible to breastfeed successfully again. If both of you are willing it's even better.

    I would suggest calling your local LLL Leader and also getting in touch with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) for some hands on help and emotional support.

    Here are some links that might help you

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    with everything posted above. Contact the LC ASAP, pump as much as possible, and put the baby to the breast every chance you have. You can definitely get back to breastfeeding- my Mom did it after 3 months off, and moms who nurse adopted children have done it without ever even being pregnant or giving birth! You're way ahead of the game!

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