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Thread: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

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    Default Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    Hi, my little girl is 26 months old, and we've decided we want to wean. We want to TTC next cycle and hopefully be pregnant by the end of the summer. I am pretty good and distracting her from nursing at all times except naptime and bedtime. I lay in her bed w/her and nurse her to sleep. At night, she crawls out of her bed and comes in bed with us. Then, she nurses several times at night.

    My opinion is to eliminate night nursing first, but I will need the help of my husband. This is close to impossible b/c she knows I am in the house and he isn't strong enough to "let her cry." And he's not ready for me to go on a "weekend getaway" just yet...

    Advice please!


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    Default Re: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    First of all, kudos to you on nursing for 26 months!

    I know a lot of mamas here have used the Dr. Jay Gordon method to night-wean their toddlers.

    I partially night-weaned my daughter at 10 months, and finished the job when she turned 2. Here's some of what I felt helped me:
    - Have a sippy cup with water available. Sometimes a night-waking toddler is genuinely thirsty.
    - Before bed, talk about the night to come: "Honey, tonight there is going to be no nursing after the lights are out. Mama's breasts are too tired, and they need sleep. We can nurse again tomorrow, but not during the nighttime."
    - Expect some battles. A persistent night-nurser probably won't give up without a fight.
    - Stay calm, stay consistent. Giving in one night but not the next will only confuse your child and prolong the process.
    - Do not be afraid to offer comfort to your night-waking toddler, but don't feel like you must nurse just because she's screaming her little head off. You're not "letting her cry" or "crying it out" as long as you are offering some form of comfort- even though it's not her favorite form.
    - In the morning after a nursing-free night, talk about the night that just passed: "Honey, you did so well! You let Mama sleep and you let Mama's breasts sleep! Great job! Let's go have breakfast!"

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    Default Re: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    Yeah that!

    Also, I had DD get in the habit of saying "night night milk." So, for a few days I let her nurse just a little while and then told her it was time to say night night milk. This allowed me to shorten the nursing session a bit each night leading up to the night that I chose to not nurse her to bed. For me, once she stopped nursing to bed, she stopped waking at night. DD was 21mos at the time.

    I agree that consistency is the key. DD did fuss and ask for milk, repeatedly, the first few nights, but I had to stick to my guns and tell her that milk went bye bye. I had to fight the mommy guilt, but by night 3 or 4 she was fine.
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    Default Re: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    I used the Gordon method with great success. We took longer than his prescribed 10 days, but it was effective and relatively gentle. For our family it was easier for me to continue to go to her, even though I did not let her nurse. If her daddy went she'd get upset that I wasn't there and it was much harder to get her back to sleep than if I went.

    I absolutely agree on being very consistent with it, whichever method you choose.

    Good luck, mama! And good luck TTC.
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    Default Re: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    I used a modified version of Dr Gordon's method. It took us longer too but it was ok. I offered her a lot of hugs when she cried or asked to nurse. She was 18 mo and I was PG so night nursing was becoming very difficult.

    Good luck!

    ETA: she is still nursing 3 times a day tho, DD2 is now 4 mo and we are TN

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    Haven't read about the Gordon method myself, but this has worked for me.
    My 22 month old and I have night weaned just over the last to weeks.

    I keep a sippy cup of water at the bedside for when she wakes up.
    When she gets up I offer to snuggle and give her the cup. She will throw the cup once or twice and I just give it back. She will eventually accept that she will not get to nurse and drinks a few ounces of water and goes back to sleep. Consistency is the biggest thing. My hubby is wonderful when the sun is up, but is worthless at night. You can do it without help. The first 3 nights were the worst until she realized it was our new routine and she had to deal with it. She still gets up, but only for about 3 minutes now.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Want to Wean 26 Month Old...TTC

    Thanks for the great advice. The water sippy cup sounds useful...I may try that tomorrow!

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