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Thread: How much is too much?

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    Default How much is too much?

    I have 2 questions...the first is about milk consumption. I know the "rule" is roughly 1.5 ounces per hour you are away from your baby so I am trying to figure out if my LO is going through a growth spurt or just being over fed. My sitter had bf her babies and wathed my LO for about a month at the end of the school year. DD was taking 3 four ounce bottles from 7:30am to 3:30 pm. That seems about right to me and I had no trouble keeping up w/ pumping. HOWEVER, this morning she watched my LO while I took my dogs to the vet. I was only gone for 2.5 hours and she took 2 four ounce bottles! One almost right after I dropped her off and the other an hour and a half later! Was that comfort eating or could this be the beginning of a growth spurt?
    My second question is about sleep. How much should she be getting> I think we are only averaging like 14 hours total in 24 hours. That includes little cat naps too
    Thanks in advance!
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    When my DD started staying with her grandparents while I was working they upped her intake to 8oz every 3-4 hours - sometimes more. I couldn't keep up!. Finally, I started sending 4 ounces every 4 hours and told them if she wanted more that they could give her 1oz until she was satisfied and so we could establish exactly how much she needed. She stayed at 4 oz. Every now and then she will want more and I am okay with that, but they were feeding her double. Good luck!

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    I know that my daughter would really miss the comfort sucking at the end of real nursing when she ate from a bottle given by her daddy. So we made it a practice to give her her 4 oz bottle, and then if she was still whiney and fussy afterward, my husband would give her a paci and cuddle her close to his chest. That really seemed to help her be content without any overeating involved.

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