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Thread: Increasing milk during pregnancy?

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    Default Increasing milk during pregnancy?

    Hey, my first time here and I come seeking advice. I'm breastfeeding my 19month old son and stoped a couple of weeks ago because I thought I wanted to wean him, turns out I didn't so 10days later I started nursing again and I want a little help boosting my supply as it still feels like there is nothing there for him. He does happily nurse for about 1/2 hour twice a day but I'm not sure if that is comfort or he is really getting milk. I took fenugreek ages ago and that worked wonders for giving us a boost but I've read it's unsafe during pregnancy, I'm now 6weeks pregnant, so am looking for herbs to help me which is safe.
    Thank you!

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    At 19 months your supply is pretty bullet proof, so you might find that a few weeks of nursing is really all you need.
    That said you can add a bowl of oatmeal to your diet. That helps AND it's good for ya. Rolled oats is recommend but I think a lot of moms here eat instant and have success. There's a lactation cookie recipe floating around here somewhere too.
    Blessed thistle and alfalfa can increase supply but I do not know about their safety when in your first trimester so you probably want to check anything you take with your OB/MW.

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    rolled oats of course! Thank you. I was stuck on herbs didn't even think of diet. Tuts. Oh well. Since posting I feel my supply is back so you were right nursing was all I needed, I will still add good nursing foods to my diet (once m/s passes of course) Thank you!!

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