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Thread: Is it too late?

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    My little man seemingly wasn't programmed to breast feed at first. In the hospital all the midwives tried helping him latch on, but he wasn't having any of it. I would try with each feed, but he got very frustrated and wouldn't suck at all, but rather just scream at me. He did have a posterior tongue tie which was snipped when he was 1 week old, but it didn't help matters. He's now 7 weeks old and is being fed formula. For the first few weeks I was expressing 4-5 times a day, but a recent family tragedy threw me off course and I have only been able to manage once a day since. Randomly, my little man latched on two days ago (Wednesday) and actually stayed there with no fussing (his 4am feed) for 50 minutes. Subsequent feeds however he was kicking his legs, pinching my boobs and swaying his head (quite forcefully) from side to side and wouldn't stay on - he was getting so upset that trying to put him on again wasn't an option as he was screaming. I passed him to my mama to feed whilst I did some pumping and found that very little was coming out (I only managed 40ml from both breasts) - given that my little man is consuming 110ml on average of formula, could this be the reason he got so upset? I'd love to breast feed him full time, but with my lack of pumping for the last 4 weeks is it possible to build up my supply again? Do you think this is the issue? Any advice much appreciated!

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    have you talked to your local leader? She is around to listen.

    some kids just have a harding time feeding then others but you can do this

    this link will help:

    and how to pump for a baby that isn't nursing any at the breast:

    what kind of pump are you using? you might look into renting a hospital grade pump, they are beter for Establishing milk supply.

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