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Thread: Don't know where to start....

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    Unhappy Don't know where to start....

    Sorry ladies, but this may be long...

    I am really determined to get back to BF as soon as possible....but dont really know where to start. I EBF my DD until she was 13 weeks old, but then stopped because of an ulcer on my nipple that started the week she was born and never went away. I was LCs, MDs, tried creams, pumping that side instead, but NOTHING worked. Physically and emotionally, I just could not take the pain of nursing or pumping on that side any more. Especially once I got nothing but blood from that side. I didnt have lots of BF support to start with, so I just gave up. And have hated that decision ever since. So now she is 7 1/2 months, I am physically healed now, and I want to start again while I still have the chance. I have fenugreek and reglan, can order the dom, but what else to I need to do pumping wise? Will a manual pump help at all? I let my sis use my nice electric one when I gave up and I feel bad asking for it back since she is having such great success with EBF and pumping at work. HELP!! I am just at a loss as to what to do. I have been gradually adding more skin to skin time with her and cosleeping, offering the breast when she fusses....feels strange tho since there really isnt more than a few drops there so far.

    Any suggestions you wonderful ladies could give me would make me eternally grateful to you all. In all of the wonder of having this miracle baby that we were told would never happen after me surviving both breast and cervical cancer, this is my greatest sadness. She is going to be our one and only baby and I remember that even tho it really hurt, I am willing to try anything I have to in order to give her BM.....as a nurse I know it is the best for her that she can only get from me.

    Please help!

    Thanks to those you you who have made it this far....I really appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Don't know where to start....

    Hi Mama! I'm sorry you had such a rough start with BFing! I can understand why you threw in the towel. And I think it's FANTASTIC that you want to try again.

    Reglan and fenugreek will help, but they won't do much unless you empty the breast somehow, either by pumping or nursing. A manual pump will help some, but not as much as a better pump. When relactating, I think a double electric pump, preferably hospital-grade, is a must!!! I would talk to your sister about either returning the pump, or buying or at least splitting the cost of a new one. She's a breastfeeding mama- she's going to understand how important this is to you.

    Keep it up with the skin-to-skin contact, and do keep offering the breast. If your baby will latch, you may well get back your supply just from your baby's suckling. (My Mom did it that way back in 1982!)

    Keep up the good work!!!

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