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    My almost 8 month old has become increasing interested in the world around him instead of focused on nursing. The only time I can get him settled enough to nurse more than 30 seconds is before naptime and bedtime. I've tried offering the breast hourly, which usually results in short snacks, and withholding for 3 hours thinking he'd be good and hungry, but met with the same snacking situation. I've tried darkened rooms and nursing necklaces, neither of which worked. He'd rather have the necklace in his mouth, or look at the textures on the wall... As a result of getting less than full during the daytime, his night wakings to feed are getting longer and more frequent.

    Anyone faced this problem and have suggestions for getting us back to a daytime feeding schedule?

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    Yes. And rather than be dissapointed frusterated, I make my self readily availabe for snacking and hope to put him down for at least two naps a day but will put him down as many as four times a day if he'll go that often. Also, at 8months the extra night feedings could have more to do w/ teething than less eating in the day time. BY 8 months they are VERY efficient at emptying the breast. These summer months w/ the night nursings have been BRUTAL. But I know he's getting pain relief from the oxcytocin we realease when we feed so I try to be patient. Use Tylenol if your so inclined. It should get you a 4hour stretch back. I reached my breaking point this week. My DH took him to bed w/ him. I got TWO 2hour stretches alone and he only actually need to nurse 3x that night!!!! What a huge difference!

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