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Thread: Snacks?

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    Default Snacks?

    Should I try to give DD snacks? Here is what our day looks like:
    6am (ish) nurse
    8 breakfast
    9 or 9:30 nurse
    12 pm lunch
    1:30 or 2 nurse
    4 nurse (maybe)
    5 dinner
    7 nurse to sleep
    nurse a few times during the night

    The 4pm nursing is hit or miss, she normally is too busy to eat. I can't see where I could fit in snacks during the day without cutting down on nursing?! The only reason I ask is b/c she nursed yesterday at 4 and then was upset at about 4:45 and I couldn't figure out why. When I went to feed her (at about 5:20) she was shoveling food like she was starving. So I wonder if I should give her a snack when she gets up from her nap at 3 or so?

    ETA: Shes just over 10 months now, sorry I didn't put that in there somewhere.
    DD (7/23/08) self weaned at 17 months
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    Default Re: Snacks?

    If she skips her 4pm nursing and gets fussy at 4:45 like you said I don't see how a small snack could hurt I always tried nursing DS before giving extra solids though that was just my preference!

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