Ok well I have made to much milk from the beginning by the time we understood what was going on DS was 2 months old and long story short I have been down regulating my supply for 6 wks. I started block nursing at 7 hrs and every week thereafter I go down by 1/2 hr. Well this week (and I don't know why) I ignored my instincts and tried to go down 1/2 hr every 2 days while watching stools and moods for any changes. Well DS has had no changes except that today when I changed his diaper there was a tiny streek of BLOOD!! I have been through a terrible experience with my best friends DS and I have seen the worst case scenario. So maybe I am more apprehensive than I need to be, but nonetheless I am REALLY UPSET! At the beginning of this week i was at 4 hrs of block nursing. I am thinking maybe I should return to that or should I only go back to 3 1/2 hrs. The whole time I have been doing the block nursing he has been fine no fussiness (except for wonderful teeth). Then this week I went and screwed it up by 3 wks worth of time reductions in 4 days. Could he really be messed up internally or will he be ok if I just return to how I was handling it previously? Please help I am a MESS.