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Thread: latching/unlatching constantly!!

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    Default latching/unlatching constantly!!

    since the delivery room my son has done this thing where he latches on, unlatches and relatches over and over again. its taking us up to an hour and a half to finish a session and he doesnt even look full/content. we usually both end up in tears bc its so frustrating to us both. my hubby goes back to work monday and i cant imagine being up feeding him for 4 hours a night, and taking care of my 3 kids during the day. please help!

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    my dd did this because my let down was so strong. I had to nurse her reclined back a little so gravity would slow the flow. She also unlatches and relatches as part of her nursing style. It makes NIP hard but that's the only complication.

    For strong let downs you can also pop the baby off and catch the spray in a towel then put them back when its calm. I couldn't feel my let down until two mos or so but I knew when it was from her choking or pulling off. But leaning back worked best for us.
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    Default Re: latching/unlatching constantly!!

    sometimes just tweaking how your holding baby helps with latching and unlatching.
    How has his weight gain been?



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    I just joined on looking for help with the exact same problem. My son is 3 months and seems to always be hungry. He hasn't gained weight properly so his dr asked that I supplement him with formula at 1 month. It started with just 4oz a day and his weight went up. Then it leveled off again. He should have doubled his weight by now to 6.2kg. He only weighs 4.8. He is now up to 9 oz at bedtime (he'll scream if I give him less than 7oz) and at least 4 oz during the day.

    I am ready to give up because I can't get him fed. Dr. asked me if he wiggled a lot and said all the problems point to lactose intolerance. I switched his formula and stopped the dairy for me. He improved but now it's gone back to impossible to feed him. He pushes at my breast. I can keep his hands occupied but that doesn't stop him from constantly letting go. He wants to nurse but doesn't seem to get that letting go is counter-productive. He does it wether I'm letting down or not. I tried covering his head in case he's distracted. It works but doing that causes him to fall asleep within 5 minutes. He ends up screaming most of the day because he's hungry and we're both frustrated, so I give him more formula. Soon he won't be nursing at all.

    This is my second baby. Didn't have this problem with the first. She never had an ounce of formula. I went everywhere with her including the movies. I can't feed him in public because he's at his worst in my arms, lying down doesn't even work anymore. I can't pump more than 10ml at a time (I could never pump with my daughter either and I've tried 4 different manual and electric pumps too) so I can't even give him breast milk in a bottle.

    I don't know what to do anymore.

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