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Thread: Boobs starting to hurt

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    Default Boobs starting to hurt

    About 2 weeks ago I had to immed wean my 18 month old b/c of a needle stick at work. I did pump once near the beginning but have not pumped since. Well a couple days ago my boobs have started to hurt. Yesterday and today they have been leaking a little bit. They just kind of ache. How long will this last? Is there anything I can do? I dont want to pump b/c wont that just increase my production. I tried expressing a little bit, but they still hurt. Any advice??

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    sorry your hurting
    you could try a cabbage leaf, just stick it in your bra cool from the fridge untill it gets wilted and then change.
    You could take what ever your doctor says is safe for pain.

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    Default Re: Boobs starting to hurt

    If you're hurting, I think it makes sense to pump. You don't want to end up with mastitis! Don't think of the pumping as increasing your production, think of it as decreasing your supply a little bit more slowly. Child-led weaning is often not immediate- your child skips a day and then asks to nurse, skips a few days more and then asks again... I have found it a very gentle way to wean, leading to no pain and no engorgement for me. If you can mimic that with a pump, I think it might be the same for you.

    Definitely try the cabbage leaf thing, and have a cup or peppermint or sage tea. (Peppermint and sage are supposed to be useful for decreasing milk supply.)

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