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Thread: Oversupply and Pumping

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    Hello All! My little one is 12 weeks old and since about 4 weeks, I was manually pumping one 4 ounce bottle a day (all at once in the morning) for my husband to give in the evenings. It has worked out well since the baby does not mind the bottle and I know I can go out if I need to without her, just in case. I return to work in 4 weeks also and didn't want that to be a problem when she'll take expressed breast milk in the day and get me at night.

    About 2 weeks ago, I finally ordered an electric pump, which is great! I often nurse on one side only in the morning, as it is always enough. I have tons of milk and one side will fill the baby pretty easily. Since I got the new pump, I will pump both sides after nursing and usually get 3 more ounces of dark yellow milk out of the side I nursed and 4-8 ounces off the other side, the first 4 being very light colored and it is getting darker. I am not always pumping up to 8 ounces on the other side because I am afraid it is making my supply way too much.

    Since I started pumping extra (I am also pumping when my husband gives the bottle, but only getting 2 oz per side), I wake up in absolute pain waiting for my baby to wake up to eat so I can then pump.

    The extra supply is great in building a stash, but the pain is no fun. I hate to pump only fore milk also on the side she is not nursing, but I am stocking it in the freezer to use later with rice/oatmeal.

    Should I continue on this path, or am I snowballing a milk supply issue? I know if I empty both sides, they will just make more! However, throughout the day, my supply lessens anyways and I am not in pain except first thing in the morning (Baby sleeps through the night 8-10 hours).


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    I kind of had the same problem about week ago. I was pumping in the am and before bed because of oversupply and to store milk. The pumping just made it worse and I weaned off my am pumping and only pump before bed now. I don't wake up in pain anymore and I am still pumping to store milk. I deffinitely wouldn't just quit pumping in the am all together, but maybe you could decrease by and ounce or so at a time. You will prob be in even more pain for a while, but it is worth it! If you read some of the other posts there are really good links for decreasing supply also (if you are interested). Good luck, I literally FEEL your pain!!

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