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Thread: Is he eating too much?

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    Unhappy Is he eating too much?

    My LO is about 8.5months. He's been eating 2 meals per day for a while now. He takes bfast n dinner. Output's good, very heavy wet diapers & atleast 2 poopy ones daily.

    His intake each meal has gone up quite significantly. Usually for bfast he takes 2 rusks (mixed with water) or baby cereal with some fruit puree. Now he's up to 3 pcs of rusks and sometimes cries for more. Sometimes we need to give him some bottled baby food (dessert/fruit). His dinner is 4 tablespoons of rice (pre-mix amount) + vege and then some dessert. We just recently added the dessert because he cries for more after the bowl of rice.

    Am i over-feeding him?

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    Default Re: Is he eating too much?

    I think that sounds ok! He's still having plenty wet/dirty diapers, so it doesn't sound like he's not getting enough milk, or is constipated at all. My DD didn't really get in to solids until about 7.5 months, and after that there was no stopping her! She loves her solids now and at 10 months, she's eating 3 meals a day with a snack or two in between. She still nurses at least 5 times a day too. How many times a day is your son nursing?

    Keep watching his diaper output, and as long as that stays fine I wouldn't worry too much. I think bf babies are good at self-regulation (as this is what they do at the breast naturally) so he won't stuff himself silly if it's more food than he wants or needs.

    MTA: Do you give him any finger foods at all? Personally I'd do away with the baby rice and give him more fruits and veg instead, but that's just my opinion.
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    Question Re: Is he eating too much?


    Thanks. Haven't been able to log in due to sudden workload. He has not started any finger food, except for the occasional teething biscuits (which he's not too fond of). He's been drooling and teething but not a single tooth in sight yet!

    I'm kinda worried he's getting too much solids and not enough milk. I've started supplementing due to drop in supply. We nurse when i get home fr work, at night n in the morning when he wakes up. More during the weekends, and gets only 1 bottle of formula.

    He gets a 5oz bottle of frozen breastmilk while i'm at work and probably 2 bottles of formula. The amount of formula is around 5oz for one bottle and maybe 3oz the other. There have been times when he doesn't even finish 5oz. He's turning 9months soon and i'm worried about his milk intake.. since i'm not sure how much he drinks when nursing.

    Or am i just being extra paranoid?

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