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Thread: weaning a toddler

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    Red face weaning a toddler

    Hello, I'm still nursing my three year old. I don't mind - in fact I've been committed to letting her self wean - but I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't put the brakes on. Especially since my husband and I have been trying to conceive, and we had three miscarriages last year (I went to a specialist who basically blamed it on me and recommended heparin next time) Anyway, the bf'ing is usually at night, in the morning, if she gets a boo-boo or (unfortunately) when she isn't feeling she's getting enough attention(!) I read through the article, 'Weaning the Older Nursling,' but I'm curious to hear some experiences. Also, having my husband or someone else help take over bedtime/etc isn't an option. Thanks!

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    If you don't mind, and your child doesn't mind, and your DH doesn't mind, and there's no indication that the MCs are being caused by your child's nursing, I don't see why you would need to wean.

    If you want to wean, I think the easiest way to start is to eliminate the morning session. A preschooler wakes up happy and ready to go, and if you or your DH can just engage her in some activity quickly enough, she'll probably skip that first session without much of a backward glance.

    When I weaned my DD from the morning nursing, I was at my parents' place, and DD would go downstairs and play with grandma while I stayed upstairs. Playing with grandma was so much more fun than nursing that she quickly forgot that she had ever wanted to nurse at that hour. Long story short: a little help from family or friends can make weaning easier, so maybe save the big weaning transitions for the times when you do have help.

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    My preschooler wakes up grumpy and miserable, so that's the feeding that I'm really struggling with eliminating. My DS will be three in July, and I'm eager to wean, but still would like to do it gradually and as trauma-free as possible. I've had more luck in limiting it, no more nursing in public, only nursing for nap or bed and when he first wakes up. Weaning is MUCH harder than I had anticipated - I rely on distraction, bribery, rarely sitting down during the day, I've encouraged his attachment to a stuffed animal. I'm hoping that he'll just sort of magically outgrow the need - but it hasn't happened yet.
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