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Thread: Mad Baby & Over Supply

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    Default Mad Baby & Over Supply

    My 4 wk old is starting get really upset while feeding. We have been like this since my milk began but it seems that now baby is starting to exhibit his frustration more. I know it's oversupply, we have all the signs. How do you deal with the choking and gasping? It's through the whole feeding and he compensates with a bad latch, oww! I try to burp him when he shows signs of being uncomfortable and that is about every couple of minutes. It's really difficult to burp this way when we do the sidelying position because that is the one we have the most consistancy on. All the getting up and lying down usually brings on a large bout of fussiness from him and a lots of sit up. It is almost impossible to feed cradle hold because he cannot keep up or breath well. We are doing a combination of block feeding/single breast feeding. I noticed when my supply lowers he gives up on my breast but if I hand express hind milk comes out but he doesn't really want it as much. Can a baby get used to foremilk and not having to nurse since it just comes out without much effort? How can I combat this?

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    What you have sounds like either an overactive letdown or OALD with OS, not just OS. My first baby was kind of like what you describe. He'd get really mad that he was being flooded with milk and cry and scream and spit and refused to nurse.

    First off, you need to know this. It will get better. The baby will learn to manage the fast flow, and in the end, it's a blessing. I can feed a baby in 5 minutes But they learn to handle it and it won't always be like this.

    Babies need hindmilk because that's the milk with the most amount of calories, which they need to grow. What does your LO's stool look like? Yellow and curdy or greenish and foamy? That will help you decide whether or not your LO is getting adequate hindmilk. I also found that when my babies aren't getting enough hindmilk, they get fussy from the lactose in the foremilk.

    Keep blockfeeding, as that will help your LO get more hindmilk and help manage your supply, but it can take some time to get there. You don't say how long you've been trying it.

    You can also start the milk flowing by pumping or handexpressing or nursing until it starts flying all over the place and then letting it go into a towel or nursing pad and then put the baby on when the rate of flow is better. Does that make sense? At first, I can't cradle hold either until I've done this because the OALD is too much for a newborn.

    For burping on the side, I just hike the baby up over my hip and burp while laying down, but I found my babies don't need to be burped as much if the latch is correct and I can get them to feed quietly and peacefully without sucking in a lot of air. . . so I start feeding before they are crying to eat.

    The FAQ here probably have other things that you might find helpful. Hang in there!
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    Yeah, when it's really bad, use a cloth diaper or something and put pressure around the areola. Getting some of that pressure off will stem the spraying issues and soften up the nipple, both of which will help with the latch. My daughter got in the lovely habit of chomping down on my nipple to stop the spray, and that was NOT fun. She also wouldn't latch deeply. Just refused.

    Also make sure you listen for a clicking noise while your baby eats. If there's a click click click noise with the sucking, there's probably way too much milk flowing and you might want to do the towel/pressure trick again.

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    I had both OALD and OS. I did the spray into a towel thing(or sometimes, if i had the time. spray into a receptacle of some sort to save for later). But my DS did get used to it quickly.. now im not nursing anymore, but DS will NOT drink from anything with a valve in it because its too slow

    It does get better.
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