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Thread: Liquids at mealtime

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    Oh, and thanks for the tip about offering fruit and veggies. That's about all she eats, anyway (with some oatmeal/grains with bm in the a.m. and a little chicken or rice here and there). Her diaper output seems to be just fine. Still getting 4-6 wets per day and always has a poop.

    I'm Erica

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    These responses really help! I am going to start with water at mealtimes and see how that goes. My LO seems so attracted to cups, straws, bottles, etc... that they became an evil I was trying to keep her away from (to keep her BFing longer)!

    I'm going to have to rethink BFing in the second year. Its hard to break away from the routine of the first year iykwim....harder for me than her!

    Right now we do the following routine starting from morning:
    1. Try to nurse before I have to get up for work...Often baby too sleepy and she gets bottle after I leave.
    2. At work I pump twice when I'm gone 9hrs. Baby gets two bottles.
    3. Come home and try to nurse distractobaby a few minutes before dinner.
    4. Time for bed at 7:30pm includes nursing and baby goes into crib.
    5. About 11ish when I go to bed, pick baby out of crib, bring to bed and dream feed.
    6. Sleep and feed if she wakes during the night which is rarely.

    So thats it and maybe I'll look into pump weaning if I don't have to pump anymore. I dont know. One thing at a time. (Too bad my DD can't stay say 4 mos. old for a while now, I just got the hang of this BFing thing!)

    Eelme looks like you are in the same boat as me....and you have two about the same age....2 1/2 and 11 mos.

    Thanks for the help ladies!
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    distractobaby. i like that.
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