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Thread: When (if ever) will I get them back?

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    Default When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Hi, ladies.
    My son is 11 months and I just finished weaning him. (It was mother-led, and we are both happy.)
    My question is this: will my boobs get back to size someday? And when?
    I used to be a 34B. Now I am a 36D. Yikes! I want to be small again. What was it like for you?

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    Oh FFS!

    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Sorry to say, mine didn't get smaller. They increased from a 34C to a 34D and have stayed that way. But some mamas go back.

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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    I don't know because I have not weaned yet, but I was going to say, it could always be worse mama! I was a 36 D BEFORE I got pregnant! Now I am a 40F!

    Although I cannot wait for the day I can fit back into my lacy bras again for sure!
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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Just chiming in to say I was a D pre-pregnancy and now I am a C... WTF?
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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Yeah, I seem to get smaller.

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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    I went from barely a 34A to a 36 D at my biggest, and now I am back down to barely a C. DS is 18 months and still nursing quite a bit, but I am definitely getting smaller as the time goes on still. I have no doubt that when he is done I'll be back to an A. When is isn't nursing as well off the left side, it goes down to almost an A.

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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    I think it is different for everyone.
    We weaned in February and my size has gone down some. I've also lost weight since then so I'm sure that is contributing to the change in size just as much as weaning.
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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*clooneylover View Post
    I was a 34C and now I'm a 34C again. However, not the same 34C. Waaaay saggy
    My experience with DD1 as well. Still waiting to wean DD2, but I have a feeling it may be even worse

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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    With my first son, I was a 34B before I got pregnant and I was a 34D at my largest when I was nursing. After that I got down to a barely 34A. I literally lost ALL of my boobs.

    So then I bought a pair of new ones.

    I haven't weaned yet, so I'm really curious to see what will happen this time around.

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    Default Re: When (if ever) will I get them back?

    Mine got smaller eventually. I went from a 34A to a 36C back down to a large A. I also lost 30lbs since January so that could have a lot to do with it. Any time my weight has changed, the boobs were the first to come & go!!
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