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Thread: NY Times article on pumping at work

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    Default Re: NY Times article on pumping at work

    The girl from Red Lobster...I know her husband! I had heard this article was coming out! Thanks for sharing!

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    My boss actually sent me this article today, and said something like "I guess you have it pretty good here". My boss let me come back to work part-time instead of full-time until my dd is 6 months old and he lets me pump in his office, which is very supportive of him.

    On the other hand, my work organization in general doesn't have a lactation room even though I work in a hospital that is run by the federal government (a VA hospital). The HR dept looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked if there was one. The university hospital across the street has 3 lactation rooms, but we don't have any. They told me to just ask my boss if he could find me a place and that each person takes care of it individually like that.
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    About the question on laws protecting pumping/lactation rooms - there's no legislation that mandates this, although some states (12?) have laws on the books that suggest that employers do this, or that provide some incentives for employers to do this. Read more here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/LawMain.html
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    I consider myself very lucky. In my state there is legislature requiring companies allow women to pump...and I work for the state. I have never had to cite this though, my boss has been completely understanding, and I simply lock myself in my office and close my blinds when it is time to pump. Granted, not everyone in my building has an office, but if a subordinate needed a place to pump I would gladly let her use mine.

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    I think this issue is related to health care and education. There's a huge disparity between the upper and lower social classes that effects children. I would love to see the gap close on issues like this so that children in our country had more similar opportunities in life.

    Of course, I imagine that pumping at work is probably extremely difficult for an ER surgeon to maintain too. There are some jobs that by their very nature are going to be more difficult for bf than others across class lines.

    I'd also like to point out in Starbuck's defense that it's probably impossible for every little corner store to have a lactation room. They probably also have comparatively few nursing mothers working there too. Small businesses aren't required to offer health insurance, so I can't imagine that a store with a small staff will ever be required to have lactation facilities. It would be reasonable to expect a large office to provide that facility, though.

    Also, Starbucks offers benefits to employees who work only 20hours a week. How many low-paying jobs offer that? I feel for the woman in the article who had to dump her milk and think that her boss could - and should out of basic human decency - have helped her find a reasonable solution, but I do think that Starbucks as a company does very well by its employees.

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    Default Re: NY Times article on pumping at work

    When I returned to work after having Caroline (will be 3 in Nov), I was lucky enough to have my own office and was able to pump 2-3 times per day. I didn't necessarily ask permission, I just did it! Everyone eventually knew that when I had my "do not enter" sign on my door, that is what I was doing. I got some strange looks as time went on...I pumped for one year.

    I have since left that job and now work for a government VA hospital in Human Resources. I conduct orientation on a bi-weekly basis and last month was confronted by a new female employee. She seemed a little timid as she explained that she was a new mom and needed somewhere to pump during orientation week, and that once she started her regular job she'd be able to pump in her office. I was so happy to help a nursing mom! It honestly made my week, and she seemed so relieved to talk to somebody who understood and encouraged her to nurse as long as possible.

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    Mollyb, Thanks so much for the information on state legislation! Very helpful!

    As previous posters have noted, this is such a critical public health issue.

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