Hey I most of all need a word of encouragment. I have been EPing for my DD for 9 months almost now (and working my butt off with it!) and had never had any supply issues.

Then a month ago I started weight training at the gym and after 2 weeks I saw a drop. So I stopped working out and my milk supply recovered -- though not completely. Then I was sick shortly after and missed some pumps and my suppy dropped to about 30 oz a day, which was still adequate for my DD. BUT NOW I have just nearly killed my supply after this past week of missing pumps while at Disney World. My supply is now at 20 oz / day with me doing 7-8 pumps a day (including night ones) -- and it has been this way for the past 3 days now.

I know EPing is not the same as BFing but I have been getting no reponses on my EP forum, so I came with a couple questions you may have thoughts on.

1) Does the amount of time I pump truely play a big factor? I have been under the impression that frequency of pumps was more important. For the past 3 months I have been pumping at 7 mins a session, but now I am thinking I should pump longer? Do you know if that matters?

2) Do you think this late in the game (9 mos) my supply CAN make a comeback????

3) Also, there is a possibility that I am PG as of this month, but that could not effect supply so soon right? I know around 3 months PG milk production could dip or stop. Or so I have heard.

Anyway, I am getting ready to mourn the pseudo-quasi-breastfeeding relationship; I had already given up on ever getting her to the breast (we haven't yet gotten the bottle to work!), but I feel like this was one of the few things I could do to help her, esp medically speaking with all her issues (she has poor immune issues and is likely to have a below normal IQ). I am trying not to let the stress get to me! But I was hoping to make it to a year.