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    Ladies, I am having what I believe to be fenugreek issues. Let me start by saying that I have nursed two other children. The first I nursed for 13 months and the second for 12 months. With both children I dealt with thrush and MSPI. I am not new to struggles with breast feeding and I know they can be dealt with.

    This baby is a challenge because he is a preemie. I have to fortify the milk. We tried a SNS but it did not work well at this time. So, he currently gets pumped milk that is fortified and goes to breast 2 - 3 times a day to try to prepare him for when we are done fortifying. I do have to say all my LC and the nurses in the NICU feel he has a GREAT latch! It is just that since he is a preemie he tires easily so he gets the milk to let down and falls asleep on me.

    But, I have not been able to pump enough milk to keep up with his demand. My LC told me to pump every two hours but it is not possible with the other two kids in the house. So, I tried fenugreek. I started with 2 tablets 3x a day but did not see great results. I increased to 3 tablets 3x a day and shortly afterwards I got an EXTREMELY fussy baby. He is already on Pepcid for his reflux but this was much, much worse. He was not himself. So, I put him on straight formula (the stuff I used to fortify with) and within 8 hours he was back to his happy baby self. So, I know it is something in my milk.

    I don't think it is a case of MSPI given the formula has both milk and soy in it. So, I really suspect the fenugreek at this point. I dumped for the first 24 hours that I pumped while he was on formula. I saved the rest. I gave him a bottle of fortified milk this morning but the rest are still all formula. I would like to switch him back to fortified milk but I cannot seem to find any information on how long fenugreek stays in the system. I don't want to put him back into pain again. I have guilt for the pain I was in.

    And, of course he increased what he was eating again so I am only able to pump a little more than half of what he is eating. I am going to try adding oatmeal in large quantities to my diet (I found a recipe for lactation cookies too).

    Can anyone help me with how long the fenugreek stays in your system so I know when I can safey switch him back over and see if he still has issues to know if there is something else in my milk that I need to look at?

    Of all my children, this one needs my milk the most being a preemie so I am desperately trying to get enough for him but I don't want to make him miserable in the process. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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