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Thread: milk supply crashing overnight. HELP!!

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    Default milk supply crashing overnight. HELP!!

    hi all,

    I am overseas with unreliable internet connectivity, until sometime next week, so I apologise in advance if I won't respond quickly to any suggestions you make. I am also on different time zone and might be sleeping when you are awake. But I will try!

    I have been taking Domperidone at 160 mg/day. My Mom suggested a couple days ago, that it doesn't really help my supply and that I should stop. In my stupid moment, I weaned down too quickly, from 160 mg to 120 mg per day a couple weeks. To be precise, I was at 150 mg/day for 5 day-ish, then dropped it to 120 mg/day three days ago. And my supply has been crashing, a couple days ago I was able to achieve the same daily pumping output (26 oz per day) with 23 pumping sessions! Yesterday, I woke up and realized that I got only 2 oz when I usually I got 3 oz after sleeping for 3 hours, without crazy pumping. And this trend continues on, if the interval between pumping is too long, my output drops significantly. If I power pump, I still get my usual output (my 30 mins interval output today is the same as the one from last week, same with output with interval of up to 1 hour). I am so scared to sleep now, because I know I will be paying for it by halving my milk!

    Another problem, which is also new as of two days ago, is that there seems to be a lot of milk left over after pumping for 20 mins. I usually can collect the leftover after resting for 10 mins and pumping again. I am not sure what caused this I never had problem with letdown before, and I have been nearly EP-ing for over 3 months.

    I am not sure that the cause is Dom withdrawal, because if the interval between pumpings are short my supply level is not affected. I have been on 160 mg/day (my regular Dom intake) again in the past two days, but my supply hasn't recovered. My Mom will take over parenting for a while, while I am trying to recover my supply, and I will do whatever it takes.

    Yesterday, I got normal output level in one (and just one) pumping session, after I took 80 mg of Dom in 12 hrs period. Then I took a nap, and then in the subsequent session my output was halved again! I then got a normal output again in the evening, but today it has been halved again. I am pretty close to tears now. I have worked so hard on this, non stop crazy pumping for several months and had managed to reach approx 80% of my son's consumption level. This never happened before.

    What could cause supply to suddenly disappear? I have no post partum menstruation yet, I don't have fever nor breast pain, so could it still be plugged duct? My power pumping output is still high. It is just that my output crashes if I have long interval between pumpings. I am hoping this is not permanent, since I managed to have two sessions with normal output levels yesterday (with 2-3 hours interval) - at 3 oz, though all other pumping sessions are doomed when the intervals are longer than 1 hour.

    Before this resolves, what can I do to protect my milk supply so that the drop does not become permanent? I am pumping round the clock now, literally around 20 times a day!

    I have no access to my lactation consultant from here, and if there are herbs that I need to take, I need to have my husband send it to me from the US. But I will do whatever it takes. Including coming back to the US before the scheduled time.

    Thanks in advance for the kind advice!!

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    Default Re: milk supply crashing overnight. HELP!!

    Hi Mama! I'm sorry it's taken this long to get a reply to your post. How are things going? I hope with your determination level (pumping 20 times a day, wow!) you have gotten some good results.

    Could the problem you're having be related to your pump? They do wear out, and when they do, their effectiveness drops. Sometimes women can stop responding to the pump, too- so maybe a new, more powerful model would help?

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    Default Re: milk supply crashing overnight. HELP!!

    Sometimes when I'm stressed out about filling that little pump bottle, I don't achieve let down. Have you tried reading or watching TV while you pump to take your mind off watching the bottle fill up? This has helped me out a lot.

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