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Thread: What To Expect At 1 Year?

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    Default What To Expect At 1 Year?

    Hi all,

    I'm curious about what to expect so I'd really appreciate your experiences.

    LO is currently 7.5 months. She is eating one solid meal a day. She eats some cereal and a veggie or fruit. We finish off with nursing. She currently nurses about 7 times a day and sleeps through the night.

    My doctor (at our 6 month visit) directed us to slowly get her onto 2 solid meals a day by the time she's 9 months.

    I go back to work when LO turns 1 year. I'd really like to be able to nurse in the morning, when I get home and when she goes down to bed (if she wants more, that's fine too). Is 3 times a day at one year doable? Can she go without nursing for 11 hours (or more)? Can I? What will she drink during the day? Do I have to send EBM at that age or can she have water / milk / juice?
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    Default Re: What To Expect At 1 Year?

    Yep! You can do all that. It won't magically happen at a year, you'll probably find that it gradually happens.

    If you go back to work when she's a year what you'll probably find is a little bit of adjusting before you really get into that routine that you'd like. You might have to do some take the edge off expressing and your LO might do some more night waking - it'll all even out though. Your supply will be very well established at that point and can take about anything your LO can dish out.
    I really thought I'd NEVER see a day when I could go more than 4 hours without feeling like I'd explode. My LO hasn't nursed in probably 3 weeks and I still have milk So your body will adjust.

    Probably about 14-18 months is when we really go into this type of schedule. I ended up pumping until he was about 20 months (because of cold and flu season) but I could have stopped earlier no problem.

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    Default Re: What To Expect At 1 Year?

    I stopped pumping around 14mos. DD drank mostly water and some cow's milk at the sitters at first. She'd still nurse at night and also for naps on weekends.
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    Default Re: What To Expect At 1 Year?

    I agree with everything Jessica said. I pump weaned at 13 mos and had no problems. Definitely go gradually, though. You may need to pump for a while at work to keep yourself from getting plugged ducts and mastitis, then slowly reduce your pumping sessions during the day. You should still be fine nursing nights and weekends.
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    Default Re: What To Expect At 1 Year?

    I pump weaned with DD1 at about 13-14 months and it worked okay, although I did have some problems with plugged ducts. Taking lecithin and pumping to comfort when needed helped with that.
    I still pump once each day for DD2. She still takes one bottle each day and ebm in her sippy cup. It keeps me comfortable too.
    I'd keep offering the solids, which will be important if you plan to reduce nursing. She needs to be eating other healthy foods to make up for the lost calories/nutrition.
    I think you will find that as she eats more solids she will naturally cut back on nursing a bit herself (allowing for illness and teething when she'll probably want to nurse more!). If you push her too much she might start waking at night again (reverse cycling), so I agree that gradual is best.


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