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Thread: How much should a infant eating nurse a day

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    Wink How much should a infant eating nurse a day

    So my son, who is 6 months old, loves to eat! He was on just rice cereal since a little past 4 months old to help with his GERD, per ped. Now at six months he loves to eat as we introduce foods. He will eat his cereal in the morning, then wants to nurse and eat at lunch and dinner. He will nurse for a full feeding, acts hunrgry but when i try to nurse he just "nibbles" and gets cranky. Once I feed him he gets really happy and then when done wants to nurse for just a few again. He can eat a whole jar of food after nursing and then nurse after again. I am surprised he isn't cranky or upset since a full tummy can hurt with GERD, but he is so happy and peaceful I hate to deny it. Now in saying all that how many times should he be nursing in a day. Since eating solids he has backed down to nursing only once at night and about 4-5 times during the day. He is healthy as an ox so is this fine?

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    He sounds really enthusiastic about solids! You milk should be his main source of nutrition until a year. He's probably getting enough with nursing that often still, I'd start to back off the solids if he decided to nurse less though.

    You might think about doing something with baby led solids instead of spoon feeding since it seems like HE REALLY likes the act of eating. So instead of apple sauce you do a peeled whole apple. Instead of sweet potato puree you do big strips of baked sweet potato and let him go crazy with it.

    Have fun!

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