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    I love my son and being that he was born 3 months early I love him even more. He has been home 2 months now and is 1 month old corrected. We breastfeed exclusively finally after he was term but its a double edged sword. He wants to suckle all the time, not drink, just suck. Sometimes he falls asleep at the breast and pops off but others I have to unlatch his sleeping jaws. He used to love his soothie but now he prefers me. Which would be fine except I cannot put him down, to eat, go to the rest room, etc. I love that he is so attached (no pun intended) but how do I get him to be okay on his own? If I lay him down he cries and even if I hold him he cries unless he is at the breast. Help. Please.

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    Congrats on your LO mama.

    When we were at this stage I just let him suck.

    I think the early ones need it, and any time I could let him do it, I tried to. That just meant that daddy had to do a little more around the house for a bit!

    Our LO didn't do it 24/7 for very long, and since your LO was SO early, he may need just a little extra comfort to get there.
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    This will get better and won't last for ever! You ARE the original pacifier! Have you tried nursing in a sling or carrier? It can be done hands free with some practice so that you can get some things done.

    It's sort of how they grow, learn, love all wrapped up into one. It kinda helps to think that they are actually DOING something other than just suckin' KWIM? You'll get a little more comfortable and be surprised at the things that you can do nursing and one handed. I highly recommend the sling though, I like this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLduL...eature=related

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    Congrats on your little one!

    I recommend nursing in a sling as well - I use an Over-the-Shoulder Baby Holder and with a little practice and a blanket stuffed between my son's body and the sling to help support him, it works pretty well. But if my son just wants to be held, I prefer using a Moby Wrap, which is nice for preemies because they can be held really close. I chase my 2 year old daughter around the playground with my son in it because it holds the baby so securely. Wearing your baby might help you get things done while meeting his needs.
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    Thank ypu so much for responding. After reading an online version of Dr. Spears the Fussy baby, regarding the sling part I had decided to try that too so you ladies just confirmed it, baby wearing is the way to go. I have a My Baby Nest(similar to the Moby but without tying), and two style infatinos a sling and carrier. He is used to the baby nest but it gets so hot out here in the high desert I am afraid to overheat him, perhaps I'll try the bigger sling he is just not too big on it the last time we used it.

    Also you helped me feel more relaxed about the whole thing, if he wants to suck, if thats what he needs to feel comforted then baby boy go right ahead, I will do anything for this little man.

    Thank you, a million times over!!!

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    We're always happy to confirm what you feel in your heart mama. That's what parenting is all about

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