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Thread: Owen had his 4 Month well-baby visit...

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    I just saw this and thought that I would post.
    We go to a family practice. I asked the NICU before we left and they were fine with it. Our Dr. is pretty good with her being premie but I do usually remind them. I remember at her 4 mo. apointment he asked if she was rolling over and I said "no, but she was 2 mo. premie" and he said "oh, well she'll probably start to do that in a month or 2". They also have never told me that she was too small or anything, but I know this varies with Dr.'s so you have to find one that's right for your family.
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    Default Re: Owen had his 4 Month well-baby visit...

    Ok well I spoke with my DH's doctor, a family practitioner, today and switched the kids and I over to him as well. He assurred me that if there was something he wasn't comfortable dealing with or felt Owen needed more specific care in some way he would have no problem consulting with a pediatrician, telling us it would be best to put him with a pediatrican, and referring us to specialists. I basically told him I want to talk about the baby in the room - I'm fine with being asked his chronological developmental questions, but I'd also like to be asked his adjusted age developmental questions. I don't want to be pressured into feeding him solids, that I will absolutely do it, but not until I feel he is ready, rather than at a specific age. I said I believe in extended nursing and don't want to be asked constantly when I'm going to wean either kid. I want thermerisol free vaccines as well. He said all that was fine. He said as long as I feed him food when he's ready, that's all that matters. He asked several times if everything is o.k. with Owen though - I'm not sure he gets preemies a lot, but since Owen doesn't have any underlying issues from his prematurity (that we know of yet) I think this will be fine. I'm just glad someone will know Owen, and the rest of us, rather than just a chart. So we'll see...I think the Dr thinks I'm crazy, but he probably already did from me sending DH into him with letters asking him to look into different things with him to make sure he's healthy and all.
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    Glad you found someone that you feel good with. That is so important!

    Glad to hear Owen is doing so well too...what a champ!
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