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    My daughter is 8.5 months and I am concerned about the amount of breastmilk shes getting. She only seems to want to drink when she tired and perfers solids. I can feel the milk supply of one breast dwindling and even though I try to feed her off that breast more often she refuses. How many times a day is a good number for solids

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    That's the trouble with too many solids too early, it can lead to lower milk supply and early weaning, especially around 9-10 months when alot of babies are temporarily less interested in nursing. That's what happened to us also. I cut back on the solids and that helped. This link may help:

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    with pp - you can cut back on the solids if you're worried. When my DS is too distracted to nurse, I go into a quiet, dark room, or sometimes I let him play for a few minutes to get it out of his system then try again. Also I nurse him when he's sleeping (dream nursing). Good luck, mama!
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