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Thread: pumping to get husband involved

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    Default pumping to get husband involved


    With our son, I failed to pump. It was simply much easier to breastfeed all the time. Our daughter was just born. She's now 2 weeks. I would love to pump so that my husband can be involved in the feedings, however I'm not sure when is too early to introduce the bottle...
    and I hesitate only cause I don't want her to love the bottle.

    Do you pump?
    When did you start?

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    Default Re: pumping to get husband involved

    With my two DDs (12-01-6 and 02-26-09), I started a bottle at the last night time feeding, right before "bed". We started this at 5 weeks with my oldest and at 6 weeks with the newest baby. I pump after she goes to bed so that I am pumping at basically the same time she feeds. Plus, I have found it is easier for me to go to sleep if I am "empty" lol
    For both of my girls I did this so that my husband could be involved in feeding her as well as for my own peace of mind. I don't want to go out for a dinner or meeting or something and have her refuse to eat. Besides, most of the time, I think she takes that bottle and "knows" it's bed time!

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