I had my beautiful daughter (addison paige) December 9th, 2008.

Lets just say I was not informed that well on breastfeeding.

In the hospital, my LC did not give me any answers, or even clue me in on what to do! So when I got home after a 2 day stay at the hospital, my nipples were cracked, bleeding, blistered and very sore! I breastfed the first 3-4 weeks (painfully) I cried everytime and my nipples never healed.

Finally I gave up...

I started exclusively pumping, and did that until she was 3 months old.

I went back to work when she was 5 weeks old, and I started pumping less and less. And at 3.5 months she was put on formula, and I pumped once a day MAYBE. However, I am done working and only attending school 2 days/week

Well she is not 5 months old and thriving, but I want to breastfeed again. First I have to get my supply up, I am pumping every 2 hours, and also every 2 hours trying to put my daughter at my breast to see if she will even use my breast as a pacifier.

Well, she won't. She screams, kicks, and cries.

I am going out today to get a nipple shield, hopefully this works.

Here's my question, since I am a young (20) first time mommy, who is desperate to begin EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING my little girl, have you ever experienced this? Not breastfed for a long time, and been able to get your little one to the breast? Also, what was your experience with a nipple shield?

Thanks so much!

Mommy to Addison Paige (12/9/2008)