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Thread: Expanding his diet...

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    Default Expanding his diet...

    My little man is 17 months old. He is really resistant to table-food type solids. He eats jarred baby food and also home pureed sweet potatoes and apples. Within the last two months he has decided to accept stage 3 foods (labled for 9months, the ones with tiny pasta pieces or discernible oatmeal flakes) He loves cheese, crackers, and waffles. He eats lots of whole-fat yogurt. He has no sign of any allergies (no exposure to shellfish)

    I'm not worried about calories or nutrition, but it would be nice to have him eat the things we eat. At daycare he ate a bit of chicken and rice last week (he goes once a week) but he won't do that at home. He is not interested eating the food on our plates. He wants to feed it to us but does not want it anywhere near his mouth. We've tried pureeing our food, and at least with veggie lasagna it was a no go.

    Our pediatrician suggested that he might have a physical problem with his swallowing mechanism. My husband, my mom, and I think it's more about preferences than physiology. Any ideas on getting the little man to eat finger foods and food we're eating?

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    Default Re: Expanding his diet...

    DO you continue to offer it to him at mealtimes? Maybe if you put it there on his plate (or tray, however you do it) while you are all eating he'll eventually pick up on it too.

    If he's eating cheese, crackers, waffles etc I wouldn't think it was a swallowing problem if he can swallow the things he likes, kwim? And if he'll eat at day care but not at home that seems to indicate he's refusing table food because he knows he can.

    What sorts of things do you offer him? Maybe sweet things like fruit or berries would be an enticement to him.
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