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Thread: 3 yr. DD not ready to wean

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    Question 3 yr. DD not ready to wean

    I BF my oldest DD until she self weaned at 3 1/2. Maybe because I was pregnant and my milk was slowing and changing. But now my youngest DD is past 3 1/2 and showing no signs of weaning. I am getting tired of BF. I still love those quiet moments, but she never learned how to not nick me with her teeth and some days its just too much.

    In October I will be leaving on my 1st trip without my youngest and the second since my 1st was born. I don't want to force her to wean, but I am worried that this trip will deplete my milk or the shock of me being gone and no BM for 10 days will scar her in some way. (Am I too attched or what!)

    I have been able to wean her of the morning feedings. She's not happy, but getting resigned to it. I did this right before a trip to Disney becasue she said she would wean by then completely. So I started getting her ready for that by skippping the AM times. It wasn't too bad since I could distract her with breakfast. We still BF down for nap and night sleeping.

    Has anyone had this situation before? Should I force weaning now or just let the trip come and hope my milk supply remains. I don't plan on pumping on this trip--I can't carry much luggage and it hurts me to pump way too much.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    at that age you have to just do what works best for you and for her.
    I don't think I would pump either. Keep talking with her about the trip and weaning.
    who knows she might wean before the trip.

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    Default Re: 3 yr. DD not ready to wean

    My DD1 (who is 3 yrs 8 mos.) will be going to stay with my parents (and DS) for a week in June and I'm sure she will be fine. We nurse at bedtime only. The last time I was away from her for more than one night was when she was just 2 yrs old and I did pump one for each of those 4 days, just for my comfort and to keep some supply going for her when I got back.
    You'll want to talk to her about it and make sure she understands she won't be nursing while you're away, talk to her caregiver about offering other forms of nutrition/comfort and being prepared that she might be sad.


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