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Thread: Relactation help. Will nipple shield work?

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    Default Relactation help. Will nipple shield work?

    I am a mommy to a 5 month old little girl, and I breastfed the first month, however I stopped and pumped for a while, but I am now down to an ounce of 2 a day.

    I have started pumping as much as possible, however it is very difficult because I work 4 days/week. I am cutting down my hours soon, and once my supply is up a little more I would like to start breastfeeding again.

    I bought a nipple shield yesterday, but havent used it yet because I worked 14 hours today, so I didn't see my daughter much.

    Did you have success with a nipple shield, esp. with a baby as old as my daughter?

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    Default Re: Relactation help. Will nipple shield work?

    I used a nipple shield and there are some problems that go along with it is as well- not to say that there aren't some benefits to using one. But I just used one because the nurse in the hospital gave it to me. It is my understanding now that if you are interested in using one, that you should consult a lactation specialist. She will be able to give you some suggestions and if a nipple shield is the way to go, you will need to be properly fitted for one. Good luck.

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