I hope to continue bf until my dd is ready. I figured probably around 3 i would incourage it if she hadn't already attempted it herself. I've noticed however that she is nursing no where near as often (in the last 3 days). She usually nurses about every 2 hrs (unless where really busy out and about and i can delay her). I've been caring for another little girl, two days a week, and she is a bottle fed baby (she's 15 months). my lo decided she liked to have a bottle to carry of water as well, and she never really nurses well when the other girl is here. Who wants to nurse when there's a playmate
I wasn't worried about when she was here but today my lo seems hardly interested in the breast and wants a bottle of water to carry around all the time. so far today from 7am- 2pm she's had almost 8 oz of water! and hardly bm. I'm worried i may be drying up. the still feel heavy and i can express milk if i try. is this weaning, or a supply issue, or maybe just a new discovery?? Should i take the water away from heR??