I have started pumping for supply (I go back to work in 3 weeks) I am not getting much of anything. Maybe 4 ozs. total from 3 pumping sessions (morning, lunch, and before bed). My daughter is 5 weeks old today, she nurses every 3 hours (her choice, not my schedule) even during the night (we cosleep) she roots around about every 3 hours. I never get the engorged feeling, she keeps them drained. I try to pump after I get her settled, and I get nothing. I'm using the Ameda Purley Yours. Is there any hope for us? Or should we settle on a supplemental formula just in case we need it. The hospital gave me Enfamil Lipil with Iron samples anyone got any suggestions?

Maybe once I get to work and can't nurse, I will be able to pump some... Maybe!

Up until now, we haven't had many problems. We have a bit of over active let down, but she is a trooper and guzzles it down. We were spitting up a good bit but are getting better at burping which has cut it down some. Her diapers were green, but they seem to being going back to a yellow/green. Went to ped. Tuesday, she is gaining well, (birth weight 8lbs.3ozs. lost down to 7lbs. 10ozs. and now she is up to 10 lbs.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.