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Thread: When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

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    Default When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

    I want my husband and 3 year old daughter to be able to feed my new baby girl with my milk from the bottle. I waited 6 weeks with my first and it took her almost a month to take the bottle. I heard 4-6 weeks, but I really don't think she will get nipple confusion if I start her at 1-2 weeks. Any experience out there?

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    Default Re: When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

    I understand why they'd want to be involved! New babies are too much fun!

    This article might offer something to consider as might this one or this one.
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    Default Re: When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

    I would say, which is more important to you, feeding with a bottle or nursing? If nursing is more important I would protect that, I'd make sure that everything was sound and going well. If there is no NEED for a bottle, I'd not stress about pumping and all that. There are a billion other ways for them to bond. Maybe you need a break or something, that's ok too, just balance the priorities for you.

    Babies are totally different, it could be that your daughter took so long because that's how it was for her. Your new one could be the same or totally different.

    Because I've talked to mom's that have had a baby 100% REFUSE the breast after one bottle I'd be cautious. Of course she could take it just fine and have no problems. You can't know either way till it's done. It's kind of a crapshoot. It depends on if you want to take the gamble.

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    Default Re: When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

    the pp is right. Your lo could be totally different, you never know. BUT she might refuse the breast after taking a bottle at such an early age. Waiting a minimum of 4-6 weeks would be a good bet.

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