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Thread: not sure if supply is down...

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    Default not sure if supply is down...

    Last Monday we left town for a funeral and returned on Tuesday. So, with the car ride and all, we were off our normal eating and sleeping routine. Then on Wednesday I had an appointment to confirm the placement of my Mirena IUD. Turns out it was outside my uterus so my doctor had me report to the ER that night for a CAT Scan and then they admitted me and I had surgery on Thursday.

    After the funeral trip, I had very little expressed milk stored. LO had last nursed at 6 pm on Wednesday (He normally sleeps from 7 pm - midnight). DH brought him to me when he got home from work so I could nurse and I wasn't able to get to the hospital pumps (That I had to beg for!) until 4:30 am Thursday. I was able to express enough milk for LO to have after my surgery.

    Friday, he slept all day and I figured with the odd week we'd had, it wasn't unusual. He has continued to have plenty of wet diapers and his normal number of dirty ones. However, I was offered a PT job on Friday and now, 2 days later, I still cannot pump more than 4 oz. total. I was getting 5 oz off each breast.

    I was precribed Percocet and have only taken 3 doses. My doc assured us that it would have no affect on BF. Has my supply decreased? Should I be overly concerned? Should I start drinking Mother's Milk or something to built my supply back up? I'm not sure when I will actually start the job, but I want to have plenty of milk on hand.

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    Just keep nursing as much as possible and pump in between as frequently as possible. My supply dropped drastically after a bad case of mastitis and my lactation nurse recommended fenugreek and pumping frequently. She also said that it is the frequency of nursing/pumping that boosts your supply rather than how much the baby gets or how much you pump. She told me that when I pumped to pump for several minutes then turn the pump off for a few minutes, then start pumping again. She said each time you pump or the baby nurses the signal goes to your brain to tell your body to make more milk.

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    Default Re: not sure if supply is down...

    Hi there! Glad you found us!

    I am sure you are concerned with what is going on with your supply. And starting work again, you want to be sure you have enough milk for ds.

    How old is ds?
    What type of pump are you using?
    Will you be able to pump while you are away from ds for the new job?

    Just a few questions to clarify!

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