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    Well...I can finally post on this board! My LO turns one on saturday! I never thought we'd make it. We are transitioning to wean though...for many reasons. I still bfeed her when she wakes up at night. But she doesn't need me to fall asleep anymore. I have started mixing her bottles with CM too, to help the transition. I am so happy to have made it the year, but feel a little sad about it coming to an end as well. We are going to gradually wean though, so there may still be many more nights of bfeeding!

    Thank you to all of those who have helped me along the way! I couldn't have done it without everyone's support. We were close to giving up many times!

    to all
    for 1 year ! We are fully weaned... . We kicked deadbeat dad to curb and rocking 2010 on our own! It is what it is!

    May 16, 2008

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    Congratulations on making it a year!
    We made it one year!
    and blogging about it all here

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    Hi, mom! I am not familiar with your struggles, but I still wanted to cheer you on! For soe of us, that first year can be such a struggle! So kudos for you two to make it!

    Some things to think about - 1 yr is not a 'magic cut off" number. Once our LO's start eating "other foods", they start the weaning process. Nursing a 1-2 yr old is so much different from nursing an infant. A toddler tends to have what I call "drive by' nursings - they come up, nurse for 5 min, then take off. My DS #2 nurses 1 time a day, and only when he asks. He is almost 3. It is short and sweet. It makes me take time to sit down and relax, and gives him some "time out" too (he is high intensity). But it works for us. You may want to check out the "extended breastfeeding" section of this site for all the wonderful benefits of nursing past one.

    Again, congrats on making it to the 1 yr mark! Happy Mother's day, mom!
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    Congrats! What a wonderful milestone to have reached. Enjoy the nursing past 1, it is entertaining and fulfulling to nurse a toddler.

    Mommy to
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