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Thread: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

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    Default Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    Grrr, I love my grandma but she really doesn't know that much about breastfeeding. She was a nurse for many years so I know she has a good medical knowledge but she doesn't really know anything about breastfeeding. She was not able to breastfeed any of her children, said she never produced enough milk for them, and I really just don't think she knows that much about it. My LO has been having weight gain issues and today she told me that my breastmilk must not have enough calories in it and I should just give him formula instead. I tried to explain that's not the case, even the docs are saying keep breastfeeding it's the best thing for him, he just needs a boost in calories because of all the issues he has had. Anyway just a little vent I guess.

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    Default Re: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    for you mama. I have had two babies who are on the smaller side and I get that all the time too. Hang in there and know that you are doing the best thing for your baby!

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    Default Re: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    Your breastmilk is perfect. There's lots of people out there who are ignorant, I know it can really hurt when its one of your family members. My mom doesn't get the difference between formula and breastmilk either.

    The only reason bottlefeed babies may gain weight faster is b/c of the bottle itself, not what's in it. Its so easy to overfeed by bottle and doesn't mean its healthier. All your baby needs is your milk!!
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    Default Re: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    Sometimes you just have to let advice from others go in one ear and out the other. I know it can be hard when its family, but you just go on and nod your head and smile.

    You know what's best for your baby, so follow those motherly instincts and keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    Grandmothers . I love mine, but she's full of crazy outdated advice, too. "Just put her in a room and shut the door and let her cry" "Only feed him every three hours" "You must have a misshapen uterus, you might as well just get a c-section"

    I agree, you just gotta let it go in one ear and out the other. I know if I try to argue with mine, she doesn't get it anyway.
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    Default Re: Your breast milk must not have enough calories?!

    Ah, medical advice! I'm sure that your Grandmother (or her friend, or her sister, or someone) was probably told that she would starve her baby with her milk. Dr's word was much more "law" back then, people were told all sorts of crazy things because Drs really truly thought that science had created something superior. Then of course people thought that, so really she's probably got your best interests in mind however wacked out that is now.

    So I kinda like to take the heat off of breastmilk and point out all the other crazy things that have been "recalled" as far as advice goes. Sleeping on your stomach, using walkers, feeding on a spaced schedule literally kills babies, car seat rules now, hard sole shoes, and on and on.
    I cannot remember where I read it but a Dr said that half of the stuff we THINK we know now will later be proven wrong, the trouble is figuring out which half.

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