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Thread: pumping amt not equal to feeding

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    Default pumping amt not equal to feeding

    My DD is 7 weeks old and BF is going well. She has good pee/poop amounts. I'm a SAHM so I have been exclusively nursing. I pump irregularly to stock up a small supply in the freezer. I am only able to get about 1 1/2 oz total after pumping and I don't think that this is enough for a bottle if I were to leave her with someone else (just so I can leave the house every now and then!!!) How do I know how much to give her in a bottle? and if I give her more than what I am able to pump at one time, will this mess up my supply?? I asked my LC and she gave me some formula about weight times 3 divided by the number of daily feedings. If I go by that, I should be giving 3.5 oz!! That seems like a lot, though. HELP!!!

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    Default Re: pumping amt not equal to feeding

    It really depends on how long you are leaving her for. Also, she will make up for it when she nurses again. You could nurse her before you leave her, and right when you get back. I don't think that 1.5oz sound like a small amount for a baby her age.

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    I agree that 1.5oz sounds like a good amount. You don't want to waste any! And if baby is still hungry, your sitter can thaw another 1.5oz portion.

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