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    Red face Pumping outage

    My little one (kw) is two months old and is eating 4 oz every 2 hours while he is at the sitter. He doesn't seem to eat that much when we are together. I work fulltime so i bought a evenflow breast pump; to find out that it is not a high enough grade of pump. So I went and got a medela pump in style. I have been using the medal pump for two days and I still can't pump enough for KW in one pump setting. Is this normal? What is an average about a 2 month old should be eating? Is the sitter feeding him too much.

    I don't think there is a problem with my milk supply, since he nurses fine. HELP!

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    At 2 months he shouldn't be eating 4oz in a feeding, and def. not 4oz every two hours. What speed flow nipple is on the bottle? Does he take a paci? Does she stop and burp him very often while he is eating? It might slow him down a little.
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    I am using the slowest avent nipple. He doesn't eat fast. The sitter is stopping and burping him every ounce or two while she is feeding him. He does take a pacifer, but only sometimes. And then you have to keep putting it back in his mouth.

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    Here's an article about bottle feeding a breastfed baby that your sitter might get some good tips from.

    How often are you pumping at work? Do you get more than one let down when you pump?
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    Thanks for the article. I will have her look at it.

    I am pumping every 2-2.5 hours. I only get one let down per pumping, and it is like after my let down I don't get any more. Should I be getting more than that?

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