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She really doesn't need cereal at all actually, especially if she is already doing well on fruits and veggies, so you don't need to worry about having to put BM or formula in it.

Have you read about baby led solids? There are a bunch of threads about it. Let me see if I can find some of them for you.
I agree with this completely. Cereal is not on LLL list of 1st foods because besides the iron that they fortify with with it really has not nutritional value at all. It's highly processed and the iron they put in it is not nearly as absorbable as iron you find in actual food. IMO Working extra hard to pump for food you don't really need to feed your baby makes no sense. But then neither does putting substandard food (formula) in food she doesn't need. That just doesn't make any sense. Why give her formula she doesn't need in highly processed cereal she doesn't need when you can just give her fresh fruits and veggies?
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thanks, ladies.

dd's pediatrician told me to try harder to get her on solids.. she wasn't really ready when we tried at 4.5 months, 5 months, and 5.5 months. at 6 mos now, she is enjoying them and eating them with relish.. like i said, we've only been doing them for about 5 days now, since her 6mos checkup.. and the only reason we tried again was b/c when i told her ped that dd wasn't interested, he told me that at 6 mos, i should be forcing the issue a little more, b/c if i kept on letting her only nurse, she may develop aversions to solids, and that if nothing else, she needs to be experiencing new tastes and textures from a developmental standpoint at this age... so now i don't know what to think. i do know that my supply is down these days, as she's eating more (i'm talking about nursing)..

anyway, thank you for the information. i'll figure this whole thing out eventually..
Where do you live? Because really you should not even start TRYING with solids until the 6 month point. I am a little concerned that your pedi was trying to get you to feed solids before then to begin with.
And keep in mind, that while I understand not wanting your child to have aversions, MOST pedi's advice around solids is given with the assumption that you will be DONE nursing by the year point. Even thought it goes AGAINST what they chant. Which is "Breast milk should be your child's MAIN source of nutrition for AT LEAST one year.
So that statement DOES NOT suggest that at the year point your child should be getting all their nutrition from solid food. It means the change should BEGIN at that point. All food at this point is for fun an exploration only. So that your child begin to get used to other tastes and textures and begins to learn how to chew ect. To me, mixing formula with cereal doesn't sound "Fun".
And remember your child won't even associate solid food with taste for MONTHS and won't associate it with hunger until AFTER the year point. TO her this is all just a new game. She still associates eating, with you.
I'd skip the cereal AND the formula.