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Thread: My breast hurts

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    My right breast has begun to hurt. It's not engorged, swollen, clogged or red but it hurts as if someone punched it and I have a large bruise (I don't). I had the same pain a couple weeks ago or less. It lasts about a day and then disappers. My daughter is home from daycare with a nasty sinus infection, fluid on the ears and temperature. I have begun to feel achy today which I was attributing to getting sick, since my daughter is. Anyone have pain like this and it not being mastitis? I'm getting Olivia to nurse on the side but it's not helping. It hurts for me to hold her on that side of my body. I am going to call my doctor but I thought I'd throw it out here too. Also, I've been nursing for 7 months and have yet to have mastitius or a clogged duct.
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    It sounds like it could be a plug or the beginning of a plug. You may have had it a few weeks ago as well but then it worked itself out. Just keep nursing nursing nursing and hopefully it will work itself out too!
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    I've had a clogged duct that tends to re-occur whenever I'm stressed out or my son is being sloppy with his latch.... and it most always starts like this, a sore spot on my breast like I'd been punched. (Normally my nipple would get sore at the same time). If nursing doesn't unclog it right away, a lump will form. My worst clog took over 24 hours to get rid of. What you've described just sounds like the beginning of a clog, but apparently you've had this before and it went away before it got bad Keep an eye on it!

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    Sounds like you could be coming down with a plugged duct. I would take it easy, drink lots of clear fluids and nurse a lot on that breast. Here is some more info that will be helpful to you. Get well soon!

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