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Thread: OOPS!! pumping then feeding

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    Default OOPS!! pumping then feeding

    My LO is 10 weeks old today and has been gaining weight wonderfully! She started at only 5 lbs 2 ounces and by now is 11 pounds!!
    Occasionally I will pump in order to leave my DH with EBM for me to run to the store. What happens if she wants to nurse right after I pump? Is she still getting enough milk during that feeding? Also, I am able to pump about 2 ounces from each breast in about 5 minutes. Is that how much she is eating?

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    Default Re: OOPS!! pumping then feeding

    Good questions.

    As for pumping and then your DD wanting to eat, you never run out of milk. With stimulation you will have more letdowns and more milk. The emptier the breast gets, the fattier the milk (hindmilk) because the fat globules of the milk stick at the back of the breast duct and come out more towards the end of a feed. Your DD may get annoyed that it takes longer for the milk to let down I you have pumped, but milk will come. I have pumped and had this happen on a few occasions.

    As for the question about how much milk she is drinking in five minutes, that is a little harder to say. That is GREAT pump output for five minutes! I get the most milk in the first five minutes and I if I am replacing a feed I pump longer (15+ minutes total) to get another letdown but I don't know if that is always necessary. Hopefully other moms will chime in on that. I do know babies are more efficient at removing milk than a pump. They just suck better and also the loving close feeling you have with her near helps your body produce oxytocin which triggers the milk ejection reflex (let down). It's hard to get that loving feeling with a pump

    Generally, the rule of thumb for bottlefeeding breast milk is 1-1.5 oz per hour, although it is common for babies to get overfed with the bottle. You can get a feel for her needs by having the person feeding her do paced, slower bottlefeeding with a slow flow nippe (always) and burping after every ounce.


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