Hi Ladies!

My son is 4 1/2 weeks old and he feeds every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours both in the daytime and during the night at this point. When I started breastfeeding I was having some issues with over-supply so I was pumping (not knowing I was actually making more milk - can you tell I am a first time mom?!) and for a few days he was exclusively having bottles but he was having lots of gas issues so we worked on the breastfeeding and went back to that exclusively. I was still having lots of engorgement and over-supply so I stopped pumping all together about a week and a half ago and now things seem to be more under control in the supply dept. I do want my son to be able to take the occasional bottle for when I need to be away from him and we have been experimenting with bottles and nipples to see if we could find anything that doesn't seem to cause so much gas which I think we have but I will have to give him 1 or 2 more to be sure. That said, I do want to make sure that I have a stash in the freezer so when can I start pumping again to build up a stash while avoiding over-pumping and causing over-supply again? I have about 20-25 bags in the freezer right now with 4-6oz per bag at the moment but I would love to have breast milk for him as long as possible and have heard that my supply may very well decrease when AF returns so I want to be sure I am prepared in case we run into any kinks. Should I pump once a day or is that too much? How long should I pump for when I do? Any advice is appreciated!