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Thread: intestinally sensitive child!?

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    Default intestinally sensitive child!?

    Hi just wondering if anyone else has a similar experience to me...

    My gorgeous DS is 8 months old - healthy, happy, alert etc. But he wakes up A LOT during the night. Every 2-3 hours. He is incredibly sensitive when it comes to breastfeeding and solids - any little distraction and he is just not interested (he will stop breastfeeding even if I whisper, a bag rustles etc and I can't get him to nurse when we are out anywhere) And I am a pretty sociable person... I get a bit frustrated.

    Do you think this is why he is waking up at night? Hunger? Or just a habit? Because its not that he doesn't know how to go to sleep on his own (he has proved this a number of times recently). He has even slept 8 hours in a row at night before (about 4 times).

    He has cut 8 teeth in the last 4 months which has seriously affected sleep/eating patterns but I don't think he's teething now and he's still waking up so frequently.

    just interested in anyones experiences, thoughts...i'm a pretty tired mum

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    Default Re: intestinally sensitive child!?

    If your lo is putting off day time nursing sessions due to distraction, then he may well be making up for it at night. Also, some babies just wake more frequently & it's perfectly normal for a bf baby (even at that age) to wake frequently.

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