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Thread: If BF twice a day, will supply last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bf0708 View Post
    Thank you girls, it's great to get reassurance! And I absolutely agree that breastfeeding is the best for my boy, but we're seeing many different doctors about many different things with him, and my poor brain can't keep up, so I'm placing my trust squarely in their hands I'm afraid! I'd love to read any info you can point me towards though!
    To be honest too, much as I am loving breastfeeding and if circumstances were different would probably continue for longer, I'm on an milk- and egg-free diet while feeding him (because of his allergies), and frankly, I'm dying for some Ben & Jerry's!!!
    Hopefully we'll have more kids & I'll have less interference and I'll breastfeed them as I damn well please!!
    Thanks again for your replies!
    I am dairy free myself and just fyi Purely Decadent Soy ice cream is DELICIOUS!
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    Default Re: If BF twice a day, will supply last?

    I am dairy free as well and the So Delicious coconut milk ice cream is also amazing!

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