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    Default stuck :(

    I relactated, but for a few weeks now no matter how hard I try to get my supply up it's been so hard. today was better. he had 3 oz of EBM by DH at 6:30 then at bed time around 9 was not satisfied with me and i felt so deflated, he took 2 oz of formula. he would have taken more but he did good with that. I pumped while DH gave it too him.

    I am going to continue trying but I am starting to wonder if my implants and scar tissue complication is hindering my production? I would think by now ... 4 weeks that some kind of increase would be noted? I really don't think he has been going through a growth spurt though he has been teething.

    I don't know what else to do I would love to EBF. supplementing is fine if i have too, at least he is BF but I don't like Supplementing because I am afraid that he will like the bottle too much!

    is this typical when increasing supply? the slow increase if any at all?
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    Default Re: stuck :(

    Are you taking anything? I know you said herbs didn't work. Try Domperidone. I'm actually getting ready to order some and trying to get a few other mama's in on it (save shipping all around!) so if you're interested, lemme know.

    I would try taking something to boost supply... Maybe try the herbs again and see if it helps? Or try the Dom.

    You are doing great! It'll get there!! Keep it up mama!

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