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    I am new to llli. Please help! I have never been able to exclusively breast feed because I don't have enough milk...but that didn't stop me from giving her all that I could. My baby is 3.5 months now. I always give her breast and then a bottle of formula. She is now pulling off the nipple and grabbing it again over and over. I don't understand what she is doing. It is not a let down problem, because I have very little milk (it takes me 6 pumps a day to come home with 1.5 oz of milk while I'm at work). I'd like to understand why she's doing that and if I should just stop especially since it's been so hard for so long. The milk isn't getting better even with pumping a lot and taking the herbal pills.

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    Sorry I don't have time to answer your post right now, I have to get my lo in bed. I will come back...
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    Could you possibly tell us more about why you are unable to make enough?

    Could her reaction be due to slow let down? If that is the case you could try some breast massage or a little pumping right before to get the milk flowing. Also, the more relaxed you are the faster the milk will come in. You could also do some breast compressions while she is nursing to encourage her to stay on a bit longer. Here is Dr. Newman's How to on breast compression.

    Breast compression—How to do it
    1. Hold the baby with one arm.
    2. Hold the breast with the other, thumb on one side of the breast (thumb on the upper side of the breast is
    easiest), your other fingers on the other, fairly far back
    from the nipple.
    3. Watch for the baby’s drinking, though there is no
    need to be obsessive about catching every suck (see
    videos at www.thebirthden.com/Newman.html). The
    baby gets substantial amounts of milk when he is
    drinking with an “open mouth wide—pause—then close
    mouth” type of suck.
    4. When the baby is nibbling at the breast and no longer
    drinking with the “open mouth wide—pause—then
    close mouth” type of suck, compress the breast. Do
    not roll your fingers along the breast toward the baby,
    just squeeze. Not so hard that it hurts and try not to
    change the shape of the areola (the part of the breast
    near the baby’s mouth). With the compression, the
    baby should start drinking again with the “open mouth
    wide—pause—then close mouth” type of suck. Use
    compression while the baby is sucking but not
    5. Keep the pressure up until the baby no longer drinks
    even with the compression, and then release the
    pressure. Often the baby will stop sucking altogether
    when the pressure is released, but will start again
    shortly as milk starts to flow again. If the baby does not
    stop sucking with the release of pressure, wait a short
    time before compressing again.
    6. The reason for releasing the pressure is to allow your
    hand to rest, and to allow milk to start flowing to the
    baby again. The baby, if he stops sucking when you
    release the pressure, will start again when he starts to
    taste milk.
    7. When the baby starts sucking again, he may drink
    (“open mouth wide—pause—then close mouth” type of
    suck). If not, compress again as above.
    8. Continue on the first side until the baby does not drink
    even with the compression. You should allow the baby
    to stay on the side for a short time longer, as you may
    occasionally get another letdown reflex (milk ejection
    reflex) and the baby will start drinking again, on his
    own. If the baby no longer drinks, however, allow him
    to come off or take him off the breast.
    9. If the baby wants more, offer the other side and repeat
    the process.
    10. You may wish, unless you have sore nipples, to switch
    sides back and forth in this way several times.
    11. Work on improving the baby’s latch.
    12. Remember, compress as the baby sucks but does
    not drink.

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    So sorry Mama you are having supply issues You are a awesome mama for hanging in there

    What herbs are you on? I was on Fenugreek and Mother's Milk Tea and it worked wonders! I also ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning and it helped too

    I hear they are expensive but some Mamas here are on perscription meds to help with their supply issues. Have you thought about it
    Proud mama to Haydon-6 years old and Lillie-1 year old!

    , and she is walking

    We made it a year

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