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Thread: Desperatly seeking donated breast milk

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    My name is Amanda and my partners name is Matt, we are in desperate search for donated milk from a caring mama in Florida or surrounding states. We have a 4 month old baby boy named Dresden who refuses to nurse despite countless efforts, doctors visits and nursing evaluations. Because of a hormone disorder my milk supply plummeted shortly after he started to refuse the breast at 8 weeks old. I am on fenugreek, domperidone, goats rue, mothers milk tea, blessed thistle and oats every day to help increase my supply by pumping as much as possible. I am only able to make about half of what he eats in a day and I cannot stomach putting my precious baby on man-made formula. We have be blessed enough to receive donated milk from a few different mamas, but our stash is almost down to nothing so the search begins again. We still offer nursing to him every feeding. I know eventually, with enough determination and love, that we can get him back to the breast. We are now able to afford shipping from any state thanks to some amazing and caring mums who set up a fund for us.

    We also have a blog that tells our story and provides pictures of our family so that you may become better acquainted =]You can visit our page at http://drezsmum.blogspot.com/ We anxiously look forward to hearing from one of you mamas! Thank you so much!

    Amanda, Matt and baby Dresden
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    Have you gone to the milkshare forums? Their info is in my signature.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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    I have posted a few times on milkshare in the past, twice just this week. I have also posted on craigslist, diaperswappers, contacted a couple of milk banks, contacted our midwife, the LLL, our local IBCLC, mothering.com, clothlove.com and posted in my breast feeding support group via lj. =/

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    Hope you find more milk donors soon.

    I'm wondering if I can be of help any other way? Its tough keeping up a milk supply with a pump. Many moms find they get way more milk if they hand-express after pumping. I'm wondering how much domperidone you are on and when you bottlefeed him, do you always rest his cheek against your bare breast?
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    Speaking out of probably ignorance here... I was looking stuff up about milk/milk banks a few weeks ago... can't you pass a lot of diseases to your baby by using "bad" milk- like if someone has HIV and gives you their breast milk, can't that pass to the baby? If so, imo, it's not worth the risk.

    When I was pumping, I only made about half to 3/4 of my baby's needs. But when I nurse him, he gets more than what I can pump.

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    We ask for blood tests (usually prenatals if you recently gave birth) and they fill out a 5 page lifestyle questionnaire. We are very thorough. A mama that is willing to put in the time to pump, and then give her milk to someone else for free, is not in the position to put yours, or anyone elses baby at risk.

    We cannot nurse him at all, he refuses the breast since 8 weeks and no one can find out why. We have been to specialist after specialist and its not for lack of trying. I am left to pump and get donated milk. He is thriving, happy and filled so that is all that matters.

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    You have a private message

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    PMd you
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