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Thread: Surviving International Flight

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    We took our son across country on the plane and what I did was that I pumped enough to be able to freeze some so that when we were on the plane I could just warm them up and give them to him.

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    When I've needed to, I've pumped in the airplane bathroom. Not pleasant, but workable. Never occurred to me to pump in the seat!

    Best of luck!

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    I just pumped in my seat on a very packed cross country flight. I didn't care what anyone else thought I have a Medela Freestyle so it made the portability factor much easier than a bigger pump, but if your pump has a battery pack I'd just make sure to have extra batteries so you know they will get you through the whole trip. Wearing a nursing shirt or having some kind of blanket/cover will help you be more discreet.
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    We're making a similar trip from Chicago to London, and will actually be away from my 10 month old daughter for 2 weeks. This definitely gives me some ideas on pumping on the plane. Anyone have ideas about pumping while traveling around London and other places, walking around and such? I don't really think I'm going to be able to transport 2 weeks worth of breastmilk back on the plane ride home, so I'll probably have to pump and dump just so I can keep my milk supply up while we're gone. Also, has anyone ever been away from their baby for that long and have tips on keeping milk supply up?

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